October 27, 2017
Suzi Milgate
October 27, 2017
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Cheryl Fahey

I have been a regular client with Helmet Hair Studio for some years now and have often been asked "where do I get my hair done?" and am always happy to tell them "Helmet". This is not only a compliment to me but a great advertisement for Helmet. As they say word of mouth is the very best advertisement. You know the second question is coming and it does "which hairdresser at Helmut does your hair?". I reply "Stephanie, however I have on occasion had other technicians at the salon do my hair and have always been very happy with the results". In my opinion all the staff are experienced good technicians, friendly and most of all professional. The quality I notice the most is that the standard of service provided is of a high standard and it is always maintained. This is to be rewarded (not sure how) as there are not many retail providers in Darwin that are able to consistently maintain a high level of service over a long period of time. Further, even since Susan has been away with her new baby (in other words the boss is not on site) there has been no lowering of the standard and the care of the client has been maintained. I have never written a testimonial before as I have never been asked but have done so this time because I believe it is important for the staff to know that they are doing a great job and should be given positive feedback. As long as Helmet stays the same I will continue to recommend Helmet to friends and family.
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